5 October, 2021

VFlowTech secures US$3 million in Pre-Series A funding with plans to expand business operations to manufacture and distribute its long-duration modular batteries for renewable energy storage'

Battery Energy Storage Market offers a huge opportunity for investors as global demand for Cleantech solutions are on the rise   VFlowTech is on Cleantech Global’s 2021 APAC 25 list which recognises the twenty-five most outstanding private cleantech innovation companies from the Asia Pacific region   SINGAPORE, October 6, 2021...
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3 September, 2021

Australian Vanadium subsidiary to install VFlowTech’s three vanadium redox flow batteries in Australia'

The company is advancing high purity vanadium production, construction of a commercial electrolyte plant, and manufacture of residential and stand-alone power systems based on vanadium redox flow battery technology. Three 5kW/30kWh vanadium redox flow batteries manufactured by AVL’s Singaporean partner V-Flow Tech have been shipped to Perth with delivery anticipated...
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25 August, 2021

Sunny Outlook: A New Energy Storage Solution to Support Singapore’s Switch to Solar'

Solar Storage In 2019, the government announced the goal to increase electricity generated from solar energy fourfold – enough to power 350,000 households by 2030. Given that we spend most of the year baking under the sun, why is this goal relatively new? What has kept us from making the...
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21 July, 2021

Building safe ESS at gas stations… Intelligent rapid charging station coming out'

A demonstration project for the establishment of an 'intelligent electric vehicle charging station' that contributes to the stabilization of the power system and the role of a fast charging facility by building a fire-safe ESS at an existing gas station is being promoted. It is a way to install a...
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15 July, 2021

V-Flow’s recyclable energy solution with an expected lifespan of 25 yrs seeks to replace Li Ion batteries'

Digest this: in South Sudan, Chad, Burundi, Malawi, and Liberia, the per cent of the population with access to electricity is in the single digits! The lack of access to electricity primarily constrains modern economic activities, provisions of public services, and quality of life. In addition, it slows down the growth of...
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23 November, 2020

Australian Vanadium subsidiary sells first VRFB-based standalone power system'

The vanadium redox flow battery-based standalone power system is designed to provide the microgrid with an uninterrupted, clean and safe source of energy primarily supplied by direct and stored solar energy. Australian Vanadium Ltd’s (ASX:AVL) subsidiary VSUN Energy has sold its first vanadium-flow battery-based standalone power system (SPS) to a...
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27 December, 2019

V-Flow partnership with Shinoda Group for distribution of flow batteries in Japan'

We are proud to announce our partnership with Shinoda Group for distribution of V-Flow Battery in the Japanese Market. Through this partnership, we are supporting the Japanese government's mandate to create an energy backup resource during natural disasters. The fast-powering V-Flow Batteries will be installed at shelter houses to provide...
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22 September, 2019

V-Flow Tech received Temasek Foundation Ecosperity grant'

Vflow tech received Temasek Foundation Ecosperity grant for a POC demonstration in Singapore in March 2019. The 10 kW -100 kWh battery has been developed and power an office building in Singapore. http://www.temasekfoundation-ecosperity.org.sg/downloads/TF_Ecosperity_AR1819(final).pdf
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