PowerCube is a uniquely designed, long-lasting reliable energy storage solution for the utility and renewable energy industry. PowerCube comprises unique features such as independent power and energy, constant performance over 25 years and environmental friendly.

Flow battery are ideal for micro-grid applications (for solving intermittency, reducing/eliminating diesel generator use), grid balancing applications (peak shaving and frequency regulation), EV charging, etc. The market itself is > 40 Billion in SE Asia.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Long life-time, low maintenance, and a fast response time makes PowerCube ideal for commercial buildings and data centres requiring large amount of uninterrupted power. (Picture to be advised)


PowerCube can be scaled up to store electricity in MWh level. In grid application, PowerCube supports in load levelling and peak shifting. For connecting renewables to grids, our storage solution can provide grid services at the transmission and distribution level. (Picture to be advised)


Our small size battery (e.g. 5 kW-30 kWh) are ideal for solar tracking application in solar farms and for telco towers. We can develop DC battery to perfectly fit these applications. At the same time, the small units in solar farms can also be used for peak shaving application. (Picture to be advised)

Renewable Integration

Ideal with Solar PV and wind turbines in micro-grids. PowerCube is a best solution for absorbing the intermittency from renewable, and providing stable supply. The lifetime of PowerCube is 25 years, closely matching with the life of PV and wind turbines. (Picture to be advised)

Design Your Own Ess

Watch this video to find out more about how PowerCube is different from other batteries