In simple terms, LCOS is calculated by dividing the total cost on energy storage by total stored power over a project lifetime. For Batteries, there are multiple parameters to be counted while calculating the energy storage cost such as, capex on new units and interest rate.

Our flow battery provides the energy storage at minimal LCOS (10-15 cents/kWh), which is much cheaper compared to conventional lead acid and li-ion batteries.

  Lead acid Batteries Lithium ion Batteries VFlowTech Power Cube
Lifetime 2-3 years 3-8 years 25 years
Environmental and safety issue Lead is an issue Highly flammable No emission, not flammable
Energy density (Wh/Kg) 30 100-150 25-30
Performance degradation Yes Yes No degradation, stable performance guarantee
Maintenance Frequent Frequent Very low maintenance
Storage cost – LCOS ($/cycle/Kwh) 0.31 0.21 0.10

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