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V-Flow Tech Opportunities

Senior Power System/Electrical Design Engineer

Work Experience : 3-8 years

Work Location : India

Job Details

Senior Power System/Electrical Design Engineer

Responsibilities :

• We are developing flow battery which requires design and development of battery management system, energy management system, battery charge controller, integration of different types of sensors and equipment, development of charging and discharging algorithms, etc. You should be able to lead this development.

• You will be designing the complete power control of the flow battery (Low voltage configuration to high voltage configuration) and produce SLD and BOM. You are responsible for the component selection and evaluation for converters (AC-DC and DC-DC), switches, relays, electrical boxes, cable routing, etc.

• You will perform circuit analysis and simulation before the physical development. You are responsible for the PCB layout, sample making and field test.

• You will be responsible for the system integration, testing and commissioning. All the development should be of industrial standards. • You will be looking into the cloud monitoring development and should be able to read C/Python codes developed for charge controller and cloud monitoring.

• You will be looking into the management of the team in India and responsible to hire suitable engineers, interns (if required) for completing the task.


Requirements: :

• Degree/Master/PhD in Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Computer Science with minimum 5-8 years of relevant experience in Power management/control Industry.
• You must have experience in developing power control, BMS, EMS for batteries/super-capacitors, etc. Having experience on flow batteries is a plus.
• You should have strong and relevant background in working in a R&D hardware engineer leading power electronics/power system development projects.
• You should be familiar with the various power topologies and design consideration on when to use them.
• You will be required to travel for business.
• You should be familiar with the full product development lifecycle of power electronics products.

Research Scientist

Work Experience : min. 4 years

Work Location : Singapore

Job Details

Research Scientist

Roles & Responsibilities :

V-Flow Tech is a Singapore based company developing flow batteries for renewable energy storage application. For our ongoing international collaboration projects, we are currently looking to fill the vacancy of post-doctoral researcher to contribute in a project for design/modelling, fabrication, and testing of high-power vanadium redox flow battery.

The post-doctoral researcher will be responsible for:

1. Develop and conduct research in development of high power density vanadium redox flow battery stack.

2. Design, model, simulate, test, and characterize vanadium redox flow battery stacks of various sizes. The candidate will develop the redox flow battery with implementing fuel cell design configuration.

3. Perform material and electrochemical characterization (both in-situ and ex-situ techniques such as cell cycling, CV, EIS, segmented cell, polarization tests, pH tracing, spectroscopy, XRD, through plane/ in plane resistivity, etc.) to reduce the stack resistivity and improve the capability to operate at high current density.

4. Project management including project planning, progress tracking, manage resources, and work together with interns, research staffs and international collaborators.

5. Develop IPs and publish in high quality journals.

The project requires an in-depth understanding of electrochemistry, simulation/modelling skills, material fabrication, material characterization tools, and engineering integration of various components of vanadium redox flow battery stacks. The candidate should be able to work on dynamic, product-oriented group and manage the multiple tasks independently.

Qualification required: :

1. PhD degree from a reputed university in disciplines/focus on material science or mechanical engineering,

2. In-depth knowledge of battery technology, with research experience in vanadium redox flow battery and knowledge of other battery technologies.

3. A good publication track record.

4. Experience with carbon electrodes and material fabrication for flow batteries.

5. Experience with physical and chemical characterization, and electrochemical characterization tools (e.g. cell cycling, polarization test, static cell test, segmented cell test, pH tracing, XPS, XRD, FTIR, resistance test, etc.)

6. A self-driven person with multi-tasking capability, team player and capable to form a good working environment.

7. Advanced skills in CAD tools (AutoCAD, SolidWorks) and simulation tools (Ansys Fluent).

8. Some knowledge in 3D printing, CNC machining, injection molding.

Business Development Manager

Work Experience : 3 - 5 year

Work Location : India

Job Details

Business Development Manager

IoT Engineering Intern

Work Experience : 0 - 2 year

Work Location : Singapore

Job Details

IoT Engineering Intern

Job Description :

We are looking for IoT engineering interns who will work on developing IoT products and solutions for our customers in the domains of energy-storage and smart grid. The work includes interfacing sensors with edge devices such as IoT gateways, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc, and data communication over WiFi, 4G, BLE to form a connected IoT network with a cloud server back-end.

Our team will support the candidate by providing insight into the different types of IoT sensors and the interfacing protocols. We will also provide exposure to industrial projects and on-site deployment experience.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities :

● Analyze & understand project specifications for industrial applications.
● Program IoT firmware in Python/Arduino/Embedded C
● Work on modern communication technologies (WiFi, 4G, BLE, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN etc.)
● Test, debugging, document & troubleshoot IoT firmware, and embedded systems.
● Coordinate with the back-end software team to achieve hardware-software interface over HTTP/MQTT.
● Electronic product design and certification of the end-product.

Required Qualification and Skills :

1 Must Have:
● Experience in Embedded Systems firmware/software development.
● Good knowledge of IoT sensors, PCB design, hardware design & troubleshooting.
● Hands-on experience with interfacing various on-chip and off-chip peripherals like LCD displays, keypads, UART, SPI, I2C, ADC, timers, interrupts, GPIO etc.
● Familiar with wiring & interfacing protocols such as RS232, RS485, etc.
● Aware of IoT standards and communication protocols like MQTT, HTTPs, CoAP etc.
● Experience in prototyping boards e.g. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Edison, NodeMCU etc.
● Must be able to work independently or in group & take up project driven responsibilities.
● Proficient written and verbal communications skills in English

3.2 Good to have, but not mandatory:
● Familiarity and experience with industrial protocols such as Modbus, Canbus, Profibus, Ethernet, etc.
● Familiarity with industrial systems like SCADA, PLC, DCS, etc.
● Experience with communications protocols such as WiFi, Zigbee, BLE, NB-IoT, Sigfox, LORA, WAN, etc.
● PCB Design (multilayer design)
● 3D CAD design of product

Product Design Engineer

Work Experience : Min 2 years

Work Location : Singapore

Job Details

Product Design Engineer

Roles & Responsibilities :

V-Flow Tech is a Singapore based company developing flow batteries for renewable energy storage application. We are at the product development and commercialisation stage, and currently looking to expand our team in Singapore.


· Involve in full product development cycles from concept, engineering calculation, detail design, component selection and fabrication. Our batteries are large in size and designed in different sizes of transport containers.

· Ensure product design meets mandatory and quality requirement and follows strictly the regulatory standards within targeted cost and project timeline.

· Realize tests and validate the design keeping cost and operation criteria in consideration.

· Ensure proper documentation throughput the development cycle and design change process. Prepare installation and operation manual, service manual, risk assessment, SWP, factory layout plan, etc.

· Develop next generation battery stack, which requires flow simulation in flow frame and explore mass production using CNC milling/3D printing/ Injection moulding, etc.

· Perform market analysis on completing products and brands, manage the budget requirements for projects and oversee the mass production of successful prototypes.

Requirements: :

Bachelor/Master’s degree in related field like Mechanical/Product design engineering with minimum 2 years of working experience in the related field.

· Previous experience on design and development of flow batteries especially with design of flow battery stack and modification of shipping containers.

· Proficient in SolidWorks, Unigraphics, NX, AutoCAD, LabView, Microsoft Office, etc.

· Should have good 2D drafting skills in part and assembly level (Preferably GD&T).

· Should be able to perform structural, vibration analysis and CFD analysis for the product with the help of computerised engineering tools such as Ansys Fluent, Nastran or similar.

· Experience with DFMEA (Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis), DFM (Design for Manufacturing), DFA (Design for Assembly).

· Advanced understanding of different production technologies such as sheet metal, milling, casting, moulding, etc.

· Able to work efficiently with minimal supervision and flexible to travel to suppliers as required of the job.

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